Become Our Patient


Thank you for considering Brownsville Community Health Center as your medical home. BCHC provides equal access to all of our patients regardless of source of payment.

For an efficient registration process, please be aware of the following:


Persons with Private Insurance:

Your insurance card and a picture ID are needed. A letter from your insurance company that contains information about your medical coverage will be accepted if you do not have a current insurance card.

Persons with Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare:

Your benefits card and a picture ID are needed. Parents of Children with Medicaid/CHIP must provide the Medicaid/CHIP card, child’s birth certificate and the parent’s picture ID.


Patients with or without insurance coverage may apply for a Fixed Sliding Fee Discount for services and insurance non-covered services: BCHC utilizes the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) to offer Fixed sliding fee discounts for medical and dental services. Fixed discounts are based on income and number of dependents in the household. Persons without or with private insurance, Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare who wish to take advantage of this discount are required to provide proof of identification and income described below.

The following are required to qualify for a Fixed Sliding Fee Discount:


1. Proof of Identification

For Adults, one (1) identification with a picture ID is required:
• Current Driver’s License • Passport
• TX Identification Card • Consulate ID Card
• Voter Registration Card • Legal Resident documents

If no picture ID, two (2) of the following are required:
• Birth Certificate • School Record
• Social Security Card • Marriage License
• Voter Registration Card • Selective Service Card, etc.

For Children, one (1) of the following is required:
• Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (if applicable)
• Verification of Birth Facts from hospital

2. Proof of Income (as applicable)

Earned Income

• Copy of most recent four paychecks stubs.

• Verification of Employment or Statement from employer with company’s information.

Unearned Income

• Recent TANF letter from Texas Department of Human Services.

• Social Security Administration and/or Social Security Supplement.

• Child Support award letter from Attorney General.

• Statement of Support with ID of person writing statement.

• Retirement Pension reward letter.

• Veteran’s pension letter.

• Unemployment award letter from Texas Workforce Commission.

Self-Employment (one of the following):

• Self-Employment declaration forms/letters last 2 months.

• 1040 Income Tax Forms with W2.


3. Proof of Residency (one of the following):

Note: Proof of Residency is required for communication purposes NOT for discount determination.

• Utility bill (Example: PUB, Telephone bill, Gas bill, etc.)
• Food Stamp Letter
• Lease from dwelling (house, apartment, etc.)
• Address Verification Form

Eligibility information should be updated every two years or whenever there are changes in household size, household income or if someone in your household obtains or loses medical coverage. If the eligibility information is not updated, your account may be charged at 100% of services until required documentation is provided.

Brownsville Community Health Center (BCHC) is an FTCA deemed Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.